Food photography is an important part of any food blog. You don’t need the most top end equipment to take good photos of food for your blog. Keeping in mind a few simple tips can help you to improve your food photography with whatever camera you have available.
Here are three quick ways you can instantly improve the quality of the food photos on your blog.


The best lighting your food can get is sunshine. The warm glow of the sun will make the colors pop. The reds of your tomatoes and strawberries will look deeply seductive, the greens will look even healthier, and browns will gain a glow that makes them a great deal easier to photograph. Not only will the natural outdoor light improve the look of the actual food but it will also make the serving dish look better too. Photographing the food outside will help that serving dish pick up a shine and shimmer from the sunlight that you aren’t going to find easy to replicate inside. You don’t have to have an elaborate set up for outside photography. Just take your finished dish outside and set it down somewhere. If you have a patio table that is a great place but anywhere will do. I live in a third floor city apartment. I manage my outdoor photography by taking my finished dishes out to the balcony and placing them on the (thankfully thick) balcony wall. Here is an example of a food photo I took outside for my food blog. It was very early on in my food blogging days. My composition on the food photo wasn’t great but just by taking it outside for the photo it became much better. The greens of the kiwi are much more vibrant than it ever would have been indoors. You can even see a bit of the honey running down the white meringue.