Image by JULIO NERY from Pexels

Why go to exhibitions of contemporary art?

This question does not arise for people who love art or create art themselves. They draw inspiration, look at the technique, get acquainted with like-minded people, look at portable display stands about future exhibitions of perhaps their favorite artists.

But this question arises for people who are far from art. They think they have nothing to do at a contemporary art exhibition, because they won't understand anything anyway.

But as soon as you get to the exhibition, you literally get into another world. Looking at art, you expand your perception, even if you don't notice it. But after such an exhibition, you will definitely look at ordinary things in everyday life from a different angle. Such exhibitions give inspiration to many people to implement their ideas, and they are not always associated with art.

Meet art in fashion houses

Image by Victoria_Borodinova from Pixabay

Meet art in fashion houses

New York is not the last city involved in fashion. Fashion weeks is already an annual event for everyone, which everyone is looking forward to. They are visited by many bloggers, stylists, actors and all those who are interested in looking at designer outfits. And believe, this city has given us really talented craftsmen, as well as fashion houses like Rising star Soho. It is the Soho area that is very popular in this direction.

Such fashion houses include not only a collection of paintings, photographs, poetry, couture dress designs, but also much more. One of the additions to the collection may be the billion dollar poem to show the full power of the written word, to create a certain atmosphere. This will be especially clearly visible at the exhibition entitled I Met Jesus Rising star. Fashion houses are often engaged in charity, and all funds from sales go to a good cause.