Experts shared four secrets of how to wake up more healthy, young and attractive. This requires improving of sleep.

We usually fully immerse in our trivial issues that do not have time to sleep, therefore remain tired and lethargic. Such results harm our health and appearance. Sleep specialist explains that the body uses sleep to restore the skin, so eight hours is required if you want to look young and fresh. New skin cells grow and replace the old one during sleep, and if a person restricts the time for sleeping, it is reflected on his face. At the same time, researchers from the University of Stockholm found out that people who are sleep-deprived are perceived as less attractive, less healthy and look sad than those who sleep well. Fortunately, there are simple steps that everyone can take to improve sleep quality and be beautiful.

Alarm clock.

One of the researchers has proposed to set the daily alarm, which can show that it’s time to go to sleep. This will help to develop a habit that will allow go to bed regularly at the same time.

Sleeping on the back.

If to sleep on the side, the pressure affects the face, which can accelerate collagen breakdown and, ultimately, will lead to the appearance of visible wrinkles. To change position one need to adjust the type or number of pillows to provide the proper support for the neck.

Shutdown of screens.

The light from the screens of laptops and phones can affect sleeping process, so for some time before going to bed it is better to turn them off. It will let your brain know that it’s time to sleep.

Choosing the perfect mattress.

It may well be the key to good night and good rest.

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