Did you know that kids absolutely adore stickers of all shapes and sizes? Just give a book of stickers to a child and see how excited they get. Some adults love them too, but that’s beside the point. Children have this fascination with stickers we will never understand because we have forgotten how to in our old age. Now, they aren’t just a tool to distract a child and allow them to have fun. Stickers can be used in the field of childcare and education to reinforce learning through motivation, sparking interest in children, and having content that is politically correct in the modern day and age, as well as being morally right.

If you are in the education field, you can try hanging a chart on the wall with a list of the names of all the kids in the class. You can have rewards for the children who do their homework or otherwise exhibit good behavior. From heroes to wall art stickers there is a whole bunch of types to choose from. If it is a class of toddlers you can offer rewards for things like cleaning up after themselves when they are done playing and helping others with what they need done. These types of rewards for good behavior reinforce the behavior and soon the child begins doing it because they are used to it, and the sticker reward takes second place. The same technique was used to condition dogs, and still is to this day.

Allow Them Their Own Trophy Case

There are sticker books out there that you can buy. While wall art stickers are all fine and dandy, having them display their achievements with their own personal book of stickers will allow them to take pride in their accomplishments. Every time they do something worthy of a sticker, give them one to place in the book. This can be done alongside the wall art or on its own. It is regarded by some as the better alternative to the list of names because kids who don’t have many stickers might feel ashamed or stupid. This is something no teacher or parent wants a child to feel, so don’t let it happen.

You can also host tiny events during the month where special stickers are given out to the kids who do the activities in those events. These can be a personal hygiene week, a spelling bee and many other activities. Stickers really can help out with raising kids.