If a man is a creative person who definitely found his way, some touching events can happen with him. When the animals come for treatment to the veterinary clinic Fox Hollow in Lakewood, Colorado, Dr. Ross Henderson is working with them to bring them out of stress. A video in which a young veterinarian sweetly sings and plays guitar for a puppy, which nestled on his lap, became so popular on the Internet. Ross and his patient Ruby settled on the floor of the clinic and with the help of the song the doctor tries to calm the dog down and prepare it for surgery.

The hospital staff reported that sometimes animals just need to walk a little or to spend a few minutes with the man in order to calm down and relax when they are in the hospital during treatment. Dr. Ross Henderson knows the psychology of animals; therefore, he has developed his own tactics of communication with them for the sparring patients from stress. The clinic Manager told that the first passion of the doctor is animal and the second is music, so he successfully combines work and hobby.

Those, who worry about Ruby, can relax then. A little dog successfully underwent surgery and now is recovering. After the appearance of video on the network, the clinic now has got new clients – the hosts, who are happy to bring their Pets to the doctors, as they take care of the health of furry patients properly.