People say that children can be very cruel. Sometimes they hurt fellow children, who are physically not like others, due to some illnesses. But the recent incident that happened in the United Kingdom rectifies this statement. Children supported the schoolmate who had surgery and became quite different from others.

Seven-year-old Anna, whose full name is not publicly disclosed, came to school after several days of absence. She had a surgery, connected with the installation of a new prosthetic leg. At first, the girl was very shy and was afraid of how people will react to her new unusual leg. But the reaction of friends was great! Seeing Anna at the schoolyard, the children ran to her and began to ask about her health, showing admiration to her new leg. After a few moments, Anna demonstrated to the classmates the opportunities of a new stylish prosthetic.

The girl, who lost her leg almost immediately after the birth, got a chance to have an installation of a running prosthesis, which has bright pink color. Anna really likes it. Her schoolmates explain that thanks to the new prosthesis, she began to run faster and better move during their favorite street dance. Anna received a new prosthesis under the state program, which provides those, who are in need of new equipment. The reason for her leg amputation is not reported.