The girl met a hero who saved her life after a horrible accident ten years ago. Amy Carter’s arms, legs and pelvis were broken, but she didn’t stay an invalid for the rest of her life, moreover, now she works as a personal fitness instructor. Amazing recovery and the persistent desire of the girl to live is an admirable.

When Amy was on the verge of death after the accident, which occurred on May 1, 2007, Rob Farrell saved her. Recently she was able to hug him, with tears in her eyes she couldn’t find words, only whispered, “No words”. According to Rob, it was a very emotional meeting, but how it should be when you thank someone who saved a life?

Amy was able to survive after a motorcycle collided with a van and the motorcyclist crashed into her. The biker died from a fatal head injury. At the hospital Amy spent four months; she can hardly remember anything about the day of the crash. But the memories of the Robe remained crystal clear. He rushed to her body when she was lying lifelessly on the road, dragged from her bike. 45-year-old fitness instructor said that she looked scary with all the fractures, at first he even thought that the girl was dead. But then he heard gurgling and realized she was still with them.

Later, Rob Farrell said that he would never forget it. He even heard that she died, but refused to believe in it. When it was the 10th anniversary of the terrible accident, Rob wrote a post on Facebook, hoping to find some information about her. His best friend was in one of the gyms of Fitness First. And one of the coaches said, “Look at that girl! Looking at her, it is hard to believe that she could almost die in an accident ten years ago”.

Rob will never forget the moment when Amy called him, as it was very emotional. It was difficult for him to understand that he was speaking with the same girl, who was lying so broken on the road. The strange thing was that she knew a huge number of people from his social circle, but they have never been met since the crash.

Rob added that he didn’t see any heroism in his act. He just could not pass by someone, who was in trouble.