The company from Singapore figured out an interesting way to “use” the exhaust fumes from cars. A special device, which is called Kaalink helps to collect carbon from the exhaust fumes, which is used as ink for markers. For many rapidly developing Asian countries, air pollution, caused by exhaust gases leads to millions of deaths in a year. Graviky startup Labs, based in Bangalore (India) and Singapore, found a new approach to this problem.

Their invention, called Kaalink (in Hindi Kaal means black) is an electrostatic filter that is attached to the exhaust pipes of vehicles and diesel generators. It holds 95% of solid contaminant particles, without affecting the work of engine. Then this soot is treated for removal of hazardous metals and carcinogens, leaving the carbon pigment in powder form.

This pigment from car exhaust pipes and industrial chimneys is used subsequently to retrieve multiple types of black ink of Air-Ink brand.

Nowadays, many companies produce ink of carbon black, which is produced mainly by burning heavy oil products. This means that the idea of a startup Graviky Labs can have a bilateral impact on pollution and greenhouse gases.

According to the developers, 45 minutes is enough to collect 30 ml of the ink for refilling one brand marker. The creators explain that technology from Graviky Labs can be adapted for the production of a pigment rich in carbon, and produce a range of oil paints and paints for industrial fabrics.