The new face of web publishing is owned by the art of blogging. Not too long ago, creating and publishing websites were complex and needed extensive technical knowledge. But now, everything has changed and even a computer novice can create web pages easily. Blog providers have come up with various themes and templates and anyone can get a blog, write or copy paste from offline documents and publish, all within a few hours.

With blogging came the ability to make maximum use of the internet. Online democracy took on a whole new meaning and increased interactivity, social networking and communication among global communities. The introduction of RSS feeds contribute further to this, by broadcasting and making use of the direct advertising and promoting opportunities.

The simplicity of blogging reached new heights with email marketing and network building. The previous need for mass mailing software, auto responders and direct online adversing took a backseat with the introduction of blogging. A blog owner can even find subscribers and plenty of backlinks without resorting to the countless link exchange techniques and newsletter offers.

Blogging is now a way to make money, both through affiliate marketing and actual product placements. Currently, most businesses maintain blogs to promote their specific industry and get visitors to their sites to sell products and services.

If you feel the need to be outspoken about anything, you should get yourself a blog. By keeping a blog, anyone can talk about anything freely, without offending society. It’s your personal online space and no one has to read anything if they don’t like it. Choosing a topic is easy, especially when you know what you like. Blogs can be either all-inclusive or specific to a topic, depending on your preference. General blogs are more interesting to people from all walks of life.

Some blogs are specialised, such as travel, business, advertising, computer technology etc. These are enjoyable when you are interested in that exact field. A blog with anything and everything is very appealing to everyone, because the content is varied and anyone can join in at some point.

Guest authors are permitted to write content for some blogs. Readers are also encouraged to participate in making the blog interesting and comments, suggestions and forum contributions are all welcomed. These are blogs which boost worldwide community involvement.

Whether you write for money or for fun, whether you are a high-risk entrepreneur or stay-at-home mom, regardless of whether you do it a few hours a week or many hours a day – blogging is fun, interactive and informative. It’s the next generation in community involvement and the existence of audio and video blogs are only contributing to their popularity.