A Google project called “Sunroof”, which will be able to assess whether the houses get enough sunlight for the transition to solar energy started in Germany a few days ago. This is the first time the project “Sunroof” has gone beyond the United States, where it ultimately operates in all fifty States after launching in 2015. But, as in case of the United States, Google estimates that most homes in Germany do not receive sufficient amount of sunlight for efficient operation of solar systems. However, the coverage of the project is limited to densely populated areas such as Munich and Berlin.

Google claims that the project covers about 7 million homes in Germany, or about 40 percent of homes in the country. However, this tool is a very simple way to quickly obtain information whether your house, if it will be included in a project, can take an installation of solar panels to reduce energy consumption.

To start the “Sunroof” project in Germany, Google has partnered with only one energy company – E. on, this tool works differently in comparison with project in the US. Instead of providing customers with the contact details of some suppliers of solar panels that could offer the installation of solar systems, German homeowners will be invited to speak directly to E. on instead of offering several options. In any case, Google does not sell anything at the moment; it is really just a reference tool. Press Secretary explained that Google does not earn any money with the product.