Belly Dancing Wear with its Accessories

The belly dancing costume including all the accessories can be regarded as the Belly Dancing Wear. The beautiful flowing skirts, the bras and cholis, the belts and the earrings, or even a headpiece that is worn belong to the costume of any belly dancer.


The Belly Dancing Wear can be created by you from the array of costumes which are available. The skirt is popularly worn by all belly dancers, and it is basically a circular skirt. The ten-tiered skirt also looks beautiful just like the cabaret skirt, with slits on the sides.

The skirt is often studded with beaded tassels or sequins to make it look bright. Some dancers like to wear harem pants or sometimes a simple caftan. A coat can be worn on the coat to accentuate the flow of the pants.

Belt and Bra

The belts and bras are an important part of the Belly Dancing Wear as well. There is a choice of coin belts, beaded belts or jeweled belts and the same can be had of bras. Of course the fit can easily be made according to you, because the clothes have to be comfortable and practical for your performance.


Hip scarves are also in fashion among Belly Dancing Wear. As Accessories to your sequined bra, belt and skirt, you can wear a matching headpiece or arm cuffs. An Egyptian cobra arm cuff or an Indian snake arm cuff with matching anklets with belts would be ideal for a performance. You can be a sparkling figure on stage with a crystal necklace and matching crystal earrings.


Belly dance performance can easily be enhanced by using a selection of props which can be included in your Belly Dancing Wear. Use silk or chiffon veils, or even feather boas to make an impact. A caftan would also be a good idea to wear between performances. You could try out Cholis embroidered with coins or even don tribal clothes to achieve the tribal belly dance look.

Combination And Features

You can definitely stitch your own costume, but if you cannot, you can surely make some good combinations of a skirt, bra, belt, headpiece and the jewelry to go with it. Often the Belly Dancing Wear is according to the venue of your performance.

The most important thing for your wear is that it has to be comfortable and you should be able to belly dance without any problems. The price should be affordable too, and you should check out prices on different websites and then take your decision.

It is possible to buy the basic costume from somewhere and then add the beads and sequins according to your own creative ideas. Since belly dance has originated from the East, from Turkey and Egypt, most of the costumes have patterns and fabrics from these countries to give them an authentic touch.